Meena Bazaar for women

By Bradford Times Staff

The Meena Bazaar, held at the Bond Head Community Hall on April 30, was an event for women and girls only, organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim women's group.

Vendors sold Asian fashions and beautifully crafted jewellery. Visitors could enjoy Henna painting by local experts, and an array of delicious dishes, from Naan Pakora to Biryani, Samosas,  and Baklava. For the less adventurous, there was pizza, and candy.

The Bazaar was an afternoon of fun for ladies of all ages – as well as a benefit for My Sister's Place Shelter in Alliston, welcoming donations of small household items, personal care products and items for women in crisis. The donations covered a table and filled a car, and were delivered to the shelter, said organizer Sadaf Shah, expressing a hope that the outreach and the fundraising would become a regular feature of the annual event.