Community Run for Bradford

By Miriam King, Bradford Times

The 7th Annual Run for Bradford (BWG), organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, took place May 13, starting and finishing in the parkette between the Bradford Library and the Leisure Centre.

“This time, the big thing is we have reached a wider community, with a good response from local people and businesses,” said Saleem Akhtar, Executive Director of World Media Forum Institute, and Chair of the Run. The Run raises funds for Recreation, Culture, Heritage and Health projects in BWG – and thanks to community support, as well as ongoing support from “all three levels of government,” Akhtar said, “the target of $25,000 has been met.”

Approximately 100 runners and walkers came out to participate in a 3K Run or 1K Walk, but Akhtar suggested that next year's Run for Bradford will be even bigger.

“Because the population is growing, because the needs are growing, so we also need to grow,” he said. “The participation is also growing, that's the beauty” - with people from all walks of life coming out, from kids and parents, to lawyers, educators, and retired judges. “This is how the community has been brought together.”

Mayor Rob Keffer, Deputy Mayor James Leduc, Councillors Raj Sandhu and Gary Baynes attended, as did MP Peter Van Loan, bringing greetings, and thanks.

Van Loan praised the Ahmadiyya community for “reaching out and embracing this community... showing that you really care.”

Before the start of the Run, there was a recitation from the Holy Qu'ran, to bless the event. The English interpretation of the text? That irrespective of faith, color, age or race, the result will be positive when all “work together to achieve our goal” - in keeping with the AMJ motto of Love for All, Hatred for None.