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Commercial vehicles taken off the road

By Bradford Times Staff

Bradford - South Simcoe Police partnered with York Regional Police and the Ministry of Transportation to conduct a Commercial Vehicle Safety Blitz, May 10. Spotters watched for  and flagged down commercial vehicles, bringing them to the Bob Fallis Sports Complex where certified inspectors checked the trucks for safety and documentation infractions.

For one driver, flagged down on Dissette St., the blitz led to more than a fine. The driver registered a WARN on a roadside screening device, and was issued a 3-Day Suspension. His vehicle ended up being towed.

In all,  35 vehicles were stopped and inspected – and 17 were taken off the road, a 49% failure rate. Problems included insufficient or improper brakes, steering and suspension problems, insecure loads, and overweight loads. One vehicle was found to be 5000 kg over its proper weight. A total of 32 charges were laid.

Sometimes there was good news for the drivers. One truck, waved into the checkpoint, muddy and equipped with what looked like a home-made box, passed the inspection with flying colors. “Sometimes the vehicles can look kind of weathered, but they're fine,” said MTO Vehicle Inspector Scott Green. 

As for the others, police advise that commercial vehicle safety is an important part of  road safety – encouraging all drivers “not just commercial truckers” to make a pre-trip inspection daily, and carry out repairs immediately.