Connecting through photography

By Miriam King, Bradford Times

CommTech students at Holy Trinity Catholic High School received some hands-on experience in professional photography.

Not only that, but they made some new friends.

The Grade 11 students  donated their time and services to take professional photos of residents at Bradford Valley Care Community, a long-term care facility in Bradford.  They brought cameras, lighting, a variety of backdrops and props – and once the residents received a mini-makeover, including new hairstyling and make-up provided by Brittany Buck and volunteers from Brittany Buck Hair & Beauty Boutique, the students snapped a variety of photos.

This is the second time the students have visited Bradford Valley. The first time was at Christmas, but the idea was the same. “They've been learning about photography,” said teacher Craig McLaughlin. “This is their chance to practice – and to get to know the seniors.”

Holy Trinity is looking at a further partnership with the long-term care centre this fall. Bradford Valley hopes to introduce the Sienna Living “Cyber Seniors” program – bringing in high school students to teach seniors how to use laptops, iPads and Smartphones, and connect on Social Media.

The Seniors, once they complete the course, will “graduate” and receive a certificate – but more importantly, said McLaughlin, “it lets them get connected to their grandchildren.”