New businesses launch, without bricks and mortar

By Miriam King, Bradford Times

Opening a home business is a growing trend in Bradford West Gwillimbury, and a reflection of today's entrepreneurial spirit. But it leaves a key question: How to advertise a new business, without a “bricks and mortar” location? The Bradford Board of Trade and Town Economic Development Office found a solution. They helped to organize a group “Grand Opening” for four home businesses, in the Zima Room of the BWG Public Library, June 24.

ELCO Hospitality, which provides food safety training, Standard First Aid & CPR and consulting; Breedly Dog Training and Dog Exercise Camp; Vision Interior Design consulting; and HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) training and consulting shared space and information, in the first group opening. “This is a great opportunity to highlight four businesses that are opening or have opened, and let people know what's in Town,” said Bradford West Gwillimbury Mayor Rob Keffer, presenting certificates and presiding over the “virtual” ribbon cutting.

ELCO Hospitality

Cathy Allardyce is a certified trainer with TrainCan Inc. National Training in food safety and certification. “I've been in the restaurant sector  for 15 years,” she says, working with some of the top restaurant businesses. “I love to teach, I love to facilitate, I love to share.”

Opening her own consulting and training business, ELCO Hospitality, allows her to do all that, “and it give me more time to share with my kids,” ages 3 and 5.

Although ELCO Hospitality is located out of her home in BWG, Allardyce can travel across Ontario to provide the public health safety and training. “There's a lot of people who benefit from the training,” from institutional kitchens, to food handlers and related businesses, she says, noting that she can work out flexible schedules and customize the training to meet her client's needs.

She is also planning Public Classes this summer, offering Standard First Aid and CPR/AED Level C on July 17 and 18 in Bradford (please register by July 10); and a Basics.fst® Food Safety Training August 22, in Brampton.  For more information call 289-231-3183 or see

Breedly Dog Training

Maria Leung  knows that an exercised dog is a happy dog, from her own animals.
Now taking positive dog training courses, Leung is applying what she has learned to her new dog walking service. Breedly Dog Training & Dog Exercise Camp offers stimulating walks and activities for canines, providing not only physical but mental stimulation.

The services provided can include private or “group” dog walks (with up to 3 dogs per walk), forest walks, a pet taxi, and home visits. Leung uses  positive reinforcement with liver treats, to gain the co-operation of her charges – although, she is quick to say, “I can always upgrade to cheese or meat” if the owners prefer. “I can guarantee your dog will be happy,” Leung says. “All of my walks include a little bit of obedience training,”  and a lot of exercise.

Going on vacation, but can't take your dog  – and your dog can't handle the stress of being away from home without you? Leung offers packages that allow you to leave your dog at home, guaranteeing plenty of exercise, fun and breaks – including updates after each visit, to provide peace of mind.

Her ultimate vision? “To open up a farm – and have all dogs do what they were bred to do,” Leung says, which is work with humans, to herd, run, fetch and play. For information, call 416-829-5932 or see

VISION Design and Consulting

Leah M. Taylor has the credentials – a three year advanced diploma in Interior Design from Georgian College, a membership in ARIDO (the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario), and training in Auto CAD – everything she needs to work with her clients, and provide both design and consulting services.

She is the owner and principal designer of VISION Design + Consulting, the company she founded in 2013.

VISION  offers a range of services, including design, drafting and drawing, presentation and materials selection, for both Commercial and Residential customers, and staging for Real Estate home sales. Although some of Taylor's  recent projects have been larger scale commercial re-designs,  she is also delighted to work with individual homeowners - whether it's a complete design for a new kitchen or bathroom, or just an opportunity to “work with what you have in the home – shake it up, reorganize, stage, declutter!”

Originally from Owen Sound, Taylor recently moved to the Bradford area, where she appreciates the mix of urban and rural, and finds inspiration.  For more information on VISION Design + Consulting,  call 905-251-2721, or email, to “engage your vision.”


HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) consulting and training is the vision of Eaton Hope Grant. “I've been doing this my whole life,” he says – reaching out to help people with “life coaching, goal-setting and maintaining a positive outlook.”

As pastor of  Greater Life Community Church, it's something he has offered for years through his ministry, but now is reaching out on a new level, “rather than just keeping it within the walls of the church.... It just feels like a natural transition.”

A certified independent member of the John Maxwell Team, a coach, trainer, speaker and teacher, Grant provides one-on-one coaching, business consulting, strategic planning and thinking, leadership training and sales management, through seminars, training and workshops for individuals and groups. He also provides inspiration, to break through the personal barriers to success.

“For 10 years, this idea has been on my mind – I just couldn't shake it,” Grant says. His goal: “Helping people to navigate the work-life balance,” and meeting personal and business goals, in a positive way. “My goal is to help you achieve your goals, by inspiring change, offering hope, and creating leaders,” he says.

For more information, call 647-718-7849 or see