Bradford Ribfest was rockin'

By Bradford Times Staff

There were a lot of changes at the fifth Bradford Ribfest, but one thing stayed the same: the ribs were just as good as ever.

Ribfest took over the vacant lands near Zehrs once again last weekend, utilizing a much smaller footprint than in previous years for the festivities. The result was a smaller, more intimate small-town-fair sort of vibe, as the smokey smells of barbecued pork and chicken permeated the west end of town.

Ribfest was organized by Superior Events Group this year, a big change and one that resulted in a few growing pains. Throughout the weekend, people took to Facebook to voice their praise and their complaints — a miscommunication with the midway that resulted in the unlimited-rides pass not being available on Friday, the noise levels — and all received a quick response from the organizing team, promising to take the critiques into consideration when planning for next year’s event.

There were no complaints about the food, and the great entertainment - and in what is sure to be a welcome change for area neighbours, nearly all traces of the festival were removed from the Zehrs grounds by Monday evening.

There will be more changes for next year’s Bradford Ribfest: construction plans mean that the Zehrs site will no longer be available, and a new location will have to be found.