Protesting 'horn bullies'

By Bradford Times Staff

More GO trains means more whistles at level crossings.

More GO trains means more whistles at level crossings.

The promise of all-day, two way train service is good news for commuters – but bad news for residents near level crossings, who are already complaining of about the sound of train whistles.

One group is taking their protest directly to Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca.

Shanta Sundarason has been leading the protest in Markham since 2015, when additional trains started running on the Union-Stouffville Line.

“The effect on our quality of life is far more damaging, and here in Markham we now have trains blasting at 11:15 p.m., keeping thousands awake,” Sundarason says. Markham Council was persuaded to consider passing a Whistle Cessation by-law, before all-day train service was introduced on June 26, but the whistles will still be sounding at least until spring of 2018.

She has launched  a petition at, and a new website,, is now up and running. Sundarason also has organized a protest, to take place on August 25 at 11 a.m. at Del Duca's office at 5100 Rutherford  Road, Unit 3, in Woodbridge.

“Create your own “No More Horns!” sign. Bring your own air horn. Don't have one? Just park really close to his office... and blow your car horn to your heart's delight,” she says, calling the MPP for Vaughan “a horn bully.”