Manslaughter charges laid in opioid overdose

Innisfil – After a 23 year old Innisfil man was found dead on April 10 of this year, the victim of an apparent opioid overdose, Detectives from the South Simcoe Police Criminal Investigations Bureau began an investigation. Search warrants were obtained, and two individuals who supplied the victim with the drugs were identified and arrested.

A 23 year old man and a 55 year old man, both from Innisfil, were charged with Trafficking in Fentanyl and Trafficking in Heroin.

After toxicology results confirmed that fentanyl and heroin were the drugs that caused the overdose, officers, after consultation with the Crown Attorney's office, laid further charges. On August 30, the two men were re-arrested and charged jointly with Manslaughter. They were held in custody for a bail hearing.

“The opioid crisis in our country has reached epidemic proportions,” said South Simcoe Deputy Chief of Police Robin McElary-Downer. “Drug dealers must be held accountable for their actions, if we're going to make a difference. We hope this is the first step in making a change.”