From peaches to buttertarts, at the Farmers Market

By Bradford Times Staff

Peaches, ripe and bursting with flavour, brought in fresh from the orchards of Niagara.... Saturday, August 26 was Peach Festival at the Bradford Farmers’ Market’s, a celebration of the juicy, flavourful summer fruit in all of its forms.

Singer Russ Clayton provided a special touch – dressed up as Elvis, in a white and gold jumpsuit, to share the music of The King of Rock and Roll, while shoppers picked up peach and custard tarts from Bruno’s Bakery, a fabulous gluten-free selection of peach cookies, peach fritters, peach muffins and peaches and cream bars at The Bradford Gluten Free Shop, fresh peaches at Springh Farms and Lakeview Gardens, peach preserves and jams at Everything Maple & More.

Tammy Jackson, of Sweet Annabella’s, didn’t bring any peach tarts — just apple, cherry and butter pecan — but she was too busy getting ready for the next big event at the market, the Fall Buttertart Festival, coming up on Sept. 16.

Her “menu”? Pecan, plain, raisin, S’mores, pumpkin, various beer and whiskey flavours, bacon - because “everyone needs bacon” - and chocolate peanut butter, “all the basics people love.”

Jackson even plans to experiment, with an apple and feta cheese tart, just to wake up the tastebuds.

The Bradford Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. beside the Bradford Library, 425 Holland St. West. This Saturday, come early for the best selection of butter tarts!