Touring the Mediterranean, at 7 Skewers

Roman Davidov and Artur Shushakov have been friends for 27 years - since they were 13. They grew up together, served in the army together, worked their way around the Mediterranean,  and now are partners in 7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill.

Their goal is to bring the fresh flavours and unique spices of the countries that ring the Mediterranean Sea – Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon – to Bradford, using locally-sourced fresh meats, chicken and seafood.

The meat is “halal”, provided by L & M Meats on Line 14, including a selection of steaks; the seafood includes fresh fish, shrimp and octopus - and the secret, says  chef Artur, is in the special spices.

And the freshness. Everything is prepared fresh; there are no pre-mixed sauces or rubs. Artur has selected spices from every Mediterranean country, and mixes his own blends, to give his skewers, salads and other dishes an authentic Mediterranean flavour.

For those who have been longing for shawarma, and falafel on a pita, 7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill has it all, including toppings like hummus, tahini, and a range of vegetables, and hand-made falafel that is crispy and full of flavour.

The restaurant itself is bright and open, with  European styling, the prices are reasonable, and the hours are perfect for a commuter town – open  from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week.  “This is a concept,” says Artur. “It's the freshness, the spice, how it looks.

“It's for everyone, for families, for kids... It's something different downtown. A concept.”

7 Skewers offers eat-in or take out, lunch combo specials, and a children's menu. Watch for special promotions next month – and drop in for a taste-tour of the Mediterranean.

7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill, located at 448 Holland St. West (in the West Park Plaza); for information  see or call 905-551-1501. The restaurant has applied for a liquor licence.