Mom 2 Mom sale for Brooklyn

By Miriam King, Bradford Times

The Fall Mom 2 Mom Sale had a Halloween theme this year, with spooky face-painting by Emily Dimmell of Em & M Parties and Events, and kids in costume creating crafts, enjoying balloon art and hunting for “new” toys. 

The Mom2Mom sales give parents an opportunity to sell outgrown and no-longer-needed children's wear, furnishings, books and toys – and purchase gently-used items for their own children. It also provides a venue for “Mompreneurs,”  selling everything from leggings and hand-made hair bows, to products like Pampered Chef.

This year, there was a special focus to the fundraising. The $2 admission fee and proceeds of fundraisers went to the Mauca family, for the  rehabilitation of little Brooklyn Mauca. Brooklyn was hospitalized earlier this year, following what should have been routine surgery. In hospital for a check-up one week after a tonsillectomy, Brooklyn's throat hemorrhaged. The 2-year-old went into cardiac arrest, and stopped breathing – causing a life-altering brain injury.

Brooklyn and her parents, Josh and Christina, came out to Sunday's Mom 2 Mom sale. It was a special time for the family, returning home together, after spending 4 months in hospital at Brooklyn's side.

There are hopeful signs, Christina said, that Brooklyn is on the road to recovery. “She's progressing every day. It seems like her vision is slightly coming back. She is aware of light... That's exciting for us,” Christina said. “She's almost sitting unsupported.”

And after losing her speech, “now she says mama and dada.”

It's a long way back for the little girl, but she was smiling at the Mom2Mom Sale, dressed in her “Supergirl” outfit.

“It's all for Brooklyn,” said Angela Bava, one of the Mom2Mom organizers. “We're so happy with the turnout.”