Halloween party at Hay Caramba!

By Bradford Times Staff

Diners at Hay Caramba! Mexican Restaurant were surprised when skeletons, zombies, mermaids, a Kim Jong-Un look-alike, Popeye and Olive Oyl  strolled through the doors on October 28.

It was all in good fun, and for a good cause – the 5th annual Halloween Party in honor of Sandra Di Folca, and a fundraiser for the Hospital for Sick Children. Sandra was a Sick Kids patient all of her life, and at every opportunity raised funds for the hospital. Her favourite holiday was Halloween, her siblings say – and when Sandra passed away, they launched the Halloween party in her memory.

This year's event received  support from local companies Diamond Dreams, Zehr's Market, 3 Scoops  Ice Cream, Pro Oil Change, Bradford Escape Academy, Holland Nail Salon &Spa, and Hay Caramba! Mexican Restaurant, and from Amanda Watson, Lisa Graham, Louise Martinheira of Century 21, Lucia Faria of Remax, Lucy Lerra, Darryl Watkins- Aluma Systems, and Angela Nijakowski.

Thanks to sponsorship, donations of prizes, and the support of party-goers, the event raised $2,200 for Sick Kids. Hay Caramba! Owners Noe Martinez and Melissa Marques also donated a portion of their night's receipts to the Foundation.