Will the historic character of the hamlet of Bond Head be preserved or irrevocably altered, as the village grows from its current population of about 500, to the more than 4,000 people envisioned in Official Plan Amendment 16? Miriam King/Bradford Times/Postmedia Network

Bond Head subdivision report deferred to August

A staff report, recommending approval of the Zoning By-law Amendments requested by Bond Head Property 2 and 3 Inc., for two proposed residential subdivisions at the north end of Bond Head, was deferred to the August 1 meeting of Council.

Street racing

Bradford – South Simcoe Police received several calls around 2:30 a.m. on July 16, from concerned citizens reporting two Ford Focus vehicles, driving dangerously on Yonge St. in East Gwillimbury.

There has been a resurgence of raccoon rabies in Ontario since 2015. The MNRF will be conducting rabies vaccine bait drops this summer. Submitted

Raccoon rabies on the rise

A recent rise in the number of confirmed cases of rabies in raccoons and foxes in parts of southwestern Ontario has led the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to schedule rabies vaccine bait drops across Eastern and Southern Ontario this August, including Stratford, Hamilton, the Niagara peninsula, and the greater Toronto area – including B

Currently, traffic northbound on Pumphouse Rd. must wait at the stop sign for an opportunity to turn right or left onto busy Bridge St. Miriam King/Bradford Times/Postmedia Network

A plea for traffic lights

Jody Mott, Executive Director of the Holland Marsh Growers Association, appeared in Council as a deputation on Tuesday evening, pleading with Council for at least temporary traffic lights at the intersection of Canal/Pumphouse Rd. and Bridge St.

Graffiti attack

Bradford – On July 11, a Bradford resident returned to her Britannia Ave. home around dinner time, to find spray-painted graffiti on her deck.

'Road Closed, Bridge Out' says the sign at the south end of the Simcoe Road bridge in Bradford, as the County of Simcoe begins emergency replacement of the aging structure. Miriam King/Bradford Times/Postmedia Network

Bridge closed!

The County of Simcoe is moving forward with the emergency replacement of the Simcoe Road bridge over the north canal in Bradford. The county had planned to close the bridge July 3, but work was delayed for nearly a week, due to heavy rains and high water levels in the Holland Marsh. Now, with levels under control, the county is rebuilding the coffe

Child found, safe and sound

Bradford – Early in the morning on July 10, South Simcoe Police were called to the intersection of Dissette St. and Jay St. in Bradford, where a man driving on Dissette had observed a small child alone, crossing the street.