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The Government is taking away our field trips

Trish Foster

By Trish Foster

Up until this point I have stayed out of the teacher-government disagreement. What they are asking for and what the government wants to give is between them. I will support whatever actions they feel suit the cause, BUT when the teachers start spouting propaganda and their agenda to my children I become upset. My 2nd grader came home today and the first thing she said was "Mom, our field trip has been cancelled, the Government has taken away our field trips." Seriously!!! My 7 year doesn't know what goverment is nor does she need to know anything about these labour disputes. Teachers do what you want and know that it is affecting children but don't feed them the party lines.It is MY choice as a parent what I will have them know and believe in regards to an adult situation. Not to mention as a teacher if you feel secure in your choice to follow job action, take the responsibilty for it, don't hide it behind the Government.

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