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Adriana - Mother of 3 children under 6 - Undergoes Double Maesectomy March 6

Kerri Devine

By Kerri Devine

Adriana was diagnosed on October 24, 2014 with stage 3 cancer, the lump was 5.5 cm. She was also HER2 Positive Breast Cancer. This is a cancer that's very aggressive and makes the cells mutate.
Just weeks before Adriana found out that she had cancer, she discovered she was pregnant with twins. She was overjoyed and brought to absolute sadness when she miscarried one of them just one week prior to finding out that she tested positive for cancer. Her and her husband were then faced with the difficult decision to terminate her pregnancy with twin B knowing that otherwise she would not be able to proceed with the treatments and believed it was what they had to do to ensure she could be there for her three kids, ages 5, 2.5, 1.5. Only one week after finding out she had cancer, she had surgery to put a port in her chest in preparation for chemotherapy. On November 4 she started her first of eight rounds of chemo.
Adriana has been faced with many challenging obstacles throughout her chemotherapy treatments, beyond the fact that the chemo made her incredibly ill and tired, she found herself in and out of the hospital throughout the Christmas season. On New Years Eve following a routine appointment, concern was raised about Adriana's cough and an echo-cardiogram of her heart found what they believe to be a blood clot. She must give herself a needle every night in hopes of treatment for this.
Adriana finished the 8 rounds of chemo on Friday, February 13, 2015. and she will continue the next year of taking the herceptin medicine every 3 weeks.
On March 6th, Adriana will have a double mastectomy in which they will remove breasts and some lymph nodes and we hope all the cancer. After her surgery Adriana will have to go to the hospital every day for 5 weeks to receive radiation treatments. If she chooses to consider reconstructive surgery she will have a 1 year wait.
She is still waiting to hear about her heart and the port they put in her chest. They believe that it is the cause for the blood clot and are worried it may dislodge the clot when removed which could cause heart complications and she would need immediate heart surgery.
Adriana is a Stay at home mom of three gorgeous, sweet and wonderful children. Since her diagnosis 4 months ago Adriana's husband has been unable to work a full week and they have had to hire a nanny part time to assist in the care of her kids at times when family is unavailable.
Adriana and her husband moved to Bradford from Milton looking for a quieter and more family centered community in which to raise their children. Unfortunately, only a couple months after their move they have been battling this illness and as such have not had the opportunity to build their roots in the way they had planned in the community of Bradford. In an effort to assist Adriana, there have been a few fundraisers put in place by close friends of hers. The fundraisers will help with groceries, nanny care, transportation to appointments, replacing lost income and any other expenses that we don't think of on a daily basis. From a personal view, Adriana was and is one of the most courageous women I know. She has been told one two occasions that her lump was not reducing how they hoped. She has been extremely ill throughout the chemo and she has been isolated in her house through this extremely cold winter months, but even with all these obstacles she continues to be a fighter, be positive, and be loving caring and sensitive to all those around her. She is a extremly loving and caring mother who adores the time she spends playing with her children. She is an amazing person and any help that is provided would be greatly appreciated by her and her family. We would love to organize a meal train for her and her family - the biggest challenge for her friends is that we live so far from her and as such we are hoping as a community you can rally with and around her.

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